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What We Do

Go360 is location-based software that transforms organizations. With our software, decision-makers can access and analyze data faster than ever before

Go360 products comprise a suite of offerings from Angus GeoSolutions Inc. of Halton Hills, Ontario, which has been a geospatial technology innovator for over 25 years. We are continuously conducting research and development to fulfill the future promise of the Internet of everything.

What do we do for our customers?

We make their work . . .


Do you ever think of health and safety as an asset? Major fast-food chains do. They use Go360 software to record, measure and audit key safety attributes such as parking-lot lighting, lines of sight and traffic patterns. Go360 also creates reports of incident details and responses across thousands of stores. Our customized reporting points management in the right direction to improve security on their store premises, showing similarities in incidents as well as quantifying risks.

Do you ever feel disconnected from the rest of your team? Ontario’s largest electrical utility felt that way. Personnel working in remote locations were often hard to locate, and more importantly had difficulty reaching emergency services when an incident occurred. With Go360 safety-management software, hydro crews obtain vital information that could save their lives should an accident occur.


Tracing faults in copper wires or fibre-optic networks is difficult. Telecommunications, cable and electrical companies are using Go360 software to validate the condition of their network assets in minutes. It used to take hours or days.



When organizations combine their asset-location data with other data, such as financial transactions or work orders, a transformation can result. Go360 software makes this possible. The City of Hamilton uses Go360 to track road repairs and has gained millions of dollars in additional revenue. The City has published a video about its program.

Go360 software enables real-time tracking of an asset’s status. School boards are tracking their buses and hydro firms are tracking their work crews. Companies in the utilities industry can keep an eye on their transformer loads or circuit breakers but can also maintain constant awareness of truck idle time, vehicle speeds or distance between oil changes, or even view the temperature in the cabin. Literally anything under the sun, and Go360 moves this data directly into asset-management, payroll or accounting systems. Breaking down silos within organizations is smart business and that is what Go360 delivers.



Software that generates real-time data about potentially dangerous situations helps protect our environment. Municipalities in Ontario are using Go360 to track contaminants through their wastewater system, stopping industrial spills before they hit our waterways. Contaminants found in the water system can be traced back to catchment areas and correlated to the industries along the route. Furthermore, Go360 points out likely sources where containment has failed.

Experience and Qualifications

In short, Go360 is revolutionizing the way that corporations can view, update, report, analyze and share any data, anywhere and at any time.

When decisions must be made, data must be accessible to support those decisions. Go360 makes data accessible in real time to meet the most demanding of business needs – so that situations can be understood, and decisions made on the basis of data that is current and universally available.

Our solutions are implemented by nimble teams of highly experienced industry / process consultants, developers and technologists. Team leaders have extensive knowledge of business functions and processes. They have led implementations for organizations in the sectors of emergency management, government, telecommunications, utilities, marketing, banking and insurance that are the first of their kind in the world.

Working with Others

Go360 has achieved an international reputation and client base. We are proud to be a Gold Standard Partner of Oracle Corporation and to have partnerships with several other leading leaders in location analytics and data management.

Finally, Go360 is a values-driven corporate citizen. We support individuals and organizations who inspire an honest pursuit of excellence in a secure and sustainable world.

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