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Go360 Surveyors Portal

Surveyor in the field using surveying equipment

The central web portal for professional surveyors and organizations managing land survey records and related information

Go360™ Surveyors Portal solves the needs for high volume, multi-organization, and multi-tier organizational requirements in registering, storing, and accessing legal land survey documents.

Information and records are securely stored and spatially referenced. This record management solution also supports online collaborative environments. It provides multi-organizational review, purchase, and exchange of survey plans, while ensuring the protection of an individual company’s intellectual property.

Users can easily upload, edit, store, and view survey plans, reference plans, land information documents and history, survey notes and other associated documents. All documents are managed spatially, represented by map points, and geo-referenced. Simply select a document point on the map to either upload, view, or download documents.

A more refined search is also available by:

  • Address
  • Lot / Concession
  • MTM and UTM co-ordinates
  • Street intersections
  • Latitude / longitude
  • Survey record or project number
  • Client name
  • Interactively placed polygon

Go360™ Security Engine ensures only authorized users have access. Users may also be assigned specific user rights for even more security.

This solution provides the surveying community with a central web portal without the significant investments in software, hardware, networking, or support costs.

Go360 Surveyors Portal is easy to use and requires no middleware CAD application, no need to have trained GIS operators to upload or retrieve your plans. It provides efficiency and saves money through focused tools allowing your teams to spend their valuable time wisely.

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