Spill Decision Support System

Pinpointing the trajectory of a spill in real time helps officials trace the spill to its source.

When large amounts of chemicals or fuel are spilled on the ground, they invariably make their way to a storm sewer and enter a lake or river, often with devastating effects. Environmental officers often cannot locate and contain the spill in time using paper maps.

There are thousands upon thousands of spill incidents a year in Canada. These Incidents can be caused by vehicle collisions, accidents at industrial and residential buildings, or intentional dumping.

Now there’s a web-based system that pinpoints the trajectory of a spill in real time and helps officials trace the spill to its source.

Go360’s Spill Decision Support System (SDSS) is built on secure software. The system gathers data from many sources and combines it into a unified data set that permits first responders from multiple organizations to work together in a coordinated fashion for everything from cleanup to determining the cause of spills and collecting information for legal purposes.

The data set consists of electronic maps that provide detailed topographical analysis of an area at millions of points, including sewer and land elevations just 10 metres apart. The GPS-enabled system can identify the precise point where spilled chemicals would flow into and contaminate a body of water.

Officials can access the data in the field through any mobile device.

This gives them a far greater chance of containing the spill and minimizing environmental damage, saving cleanup costs and preventing public disturbance.

SDSS has been implemented with beneficial environmental effects by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in the Region of Peel, Ontario.