Go360 Surveyor Portal

Empowering professional surveyors, and organizations managing land related documents.

Surveyor is a web-based portal that empowers professional surveyors, and organizations managing land related documents, with the ability to place, edit, store and view their respective survey plans, reference plans, survey notes and associated documents by linking them to a geo-referenced address point.

With a standard web browser, surveyors can manage all their files spatially by using an intelligent map. All documents are represented by map points and are geo-referenced.

Users can simple select a document point on the map to either open or view document attributes. In combination with the Go360 search engine, users have the ability to select different search parameters and filters for a more refined search.

Users can easily search for any document by various methods:

  • Address
  • Lot / Concession
  • MTM and UTM co-ordinates
  • Street intersections
  • Latitude / longitude
  • Survey record or project number
  • Client name
  • Interactively placed polygon

The Go360 security-management engine ensures that only authorized users have access. Users may also be assigned user level rights for even more security.

Go360 Surveyor facilitates the access, management and searching of land information documents and history. No middleware CAD application is required, nor is it necessary to have trained GIS operators to insert or retrieve your plans. If you know how to use any standard web browser, you know how to use Surveyor.

With the increasing demand among land information professionals in the legal, real estate and planning communities to search and purchase relevant legal survey documentation on specific properties, Surveyor can provide a central, easy-to-use web portal without significant investments in initial software, hardware, networking or support costs.