Go360 Security Engine

Go360 Security Engine is a sophisticated tool used to manage users and administration of all user access to data and applications.

Security Engine controls the user’s access to the Go360 application and the user’s access rights to the data within the Go360 platform.

It enables the designated administrator to:

  • Create new users and profiles
  • Search / update user profiles
  • Assign or edit: usernames / passwords / user types / user rights
  • Disable accounts (temporarily or indefinitely)
  • Manage user access to data and applications
  • Send messages to users based on their access to applications, data, and / or based on their user profile
  • Report on user activity within the Go360 application

Security Engine operates on a separate meta data model and tools (i.e. Go360 Security Engine management portal) and is configured specifically to create, modify, and manage this portion of meta data.

Data layers can be configured for display using Security Engine. It supports sophisticated security management, to ensure that licensing terms for data, including value-added data, are strictly enforced. Data layers can be secured by user or group of users or roles, and the level of access to data (e.g., View vs. Edit) can also be managed within Security Engine.