Go360 Product Suite

The Go360 platform provides users with applications to search, view, edit and report data in both attribute form and graphic display formats. All operations are in real time.

Go360 is a pure web-based platform and there is no need for middleware. The user merely requires a standard web browser, with connection to the Internet.

This means that remote access is not an issue. Users can connect from anywhere, using any device, to the full suite of Go360 products.

Go360 Communicator

Enables co-ordination and immediate communication with staff located in multiple locations. Learn more

Go360 Dashboard

Provides an immediate view of business health. Learn more

Go360 Editor

Facilitates easy editing of attribute and / or spatial information and immediately updates corporate databases. Learn more

Go360 Mobile

Integrates hardware technology and GPS functions, enabling teams in the field to complete all tasks even without Internet connections. Learn more

Go360 Reporter

Provides real-time textual reports or maps based upon the results of the specific business tasks being executed. Learn more

Go360 Search and View

A powerful search engine with results viewed through a web browser including attribution, maps and any digital media. Learn more

Go360 Security Engine

Provides Go360 security and administration at the group, user, data and application level. Learn more