Go360 Mobile

Enable your work force in the field. Go360 can be integrated with data from GPS or cameras to capture and update data live or in disconnected mode.

Go360 Mobile is an application that enables field workers to perform tasks virtually anywhere, at any time. Crews travelling into remote areas or working underground can perform tasks without interruption to productivity.

Through Go360 Mobile, datasets are accessible on any device including smartphones, tablets and laptops without the need for software of any kind on the device.

Organizations with assets that are dispersed and in need of continuous attention, such as telecommunications companies and utilities, can make use of Go360 Mobile to manage those assets in real time. Networked devices can confirm an asset’s map location and permit the user to verify the asset’s attribute and/or complete an inspection report.

Automatic e-mail, text and voice alerts can be triggered to notify management depending on an asset’s inspection condition or event status.

But what if there is no Internet connectivity? Go360 Mobile's "Disconnect" feature ensures that field operations are not interrupted.

This unique feature downloads the critical corporate information required for any business task directly into the Go360 Mobile application, so staff can access the data where no wireless communications exists, such as when working in remote geographic areas or down a manhole. Once the work is completed and data is entered into the mobile device, the data is automatically uploaded to corporate systems, updating any modified information in real time once Internet connectivity is re-established.