Go360 Permit Tracking

Flexible, easy to use, spatially enabled

Go360 Permit Tracking application provides a flexible, easy to use, spatially enabled application to manage municipal consents, road cuts and excavation permits.

This unique application aggregates data from numerous sources and displays it spatially, enabling municipal users to manage all types of permits required for road repairs and road use.

Permit Tracking enables the user to create and track the progress of permits throughout their life cycle, and upon restoration, produce invoices to recover the restoration costs from contractors. Go360 Analytics reports permit the user to track progress and the costs of the job.

What this means for municipalities is that they can recover significantly more restoration costs from road-cutting than has ever been possible before.

When a permit application comes in, the system shows managers what is already in the ground at the location. It displays key features such as road networks, building footprints, and even streetscape imagery. As new permits are added to the system, Permit Tracking analyzes events and permits within the vicinity and identifies potential conflicts to the permit such as scheduled community events, new or past capital-works projects or other permitting work.

Permit Tracking supports the entire municipal consent application process, including the ability to approve or deny the submission, or request additional information from the contractor. The application also tracks the progress of permits from creation to completion, restoration and invoicing, and integrates with public works departments’ document management systems to provide access to pertinent municipal plan and survey documents.

The application has proven its benefits to municipalities.