Go360 LiveOps

Go360 LiveOps software delivers a complete solution for managing an electrical utility’s smart grid in real time.

The software integrates with both traditional back-office platforms and smart network devices such as from smart meters, SCADA, self-healing switches and power line monitors. It delivers the most powerful outage management system, advanced distribution management system, integrated workforce management system and asset-performance management capabilities within a single solution.

Go360 LiveOps provides an integrated network intelligence environment and communicates this to both control room operators and field crews for optimizing reliability, safety and incident management response.

Advanced Asset Analytics

LiveOps is the only system of its kind that performs real-time, online data processing of any network sensor messages as well as data warehousing of all smart-grid transactions for performing advanced asset analytics.


It also delivers the most robust and user-friendly mobile environment in the utility marketplace. The mobile application is designed to work on any device in either connected or disconnected mode. Any time a crew encounters a wireless connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite), all system and job information is updated in real time.

LiveOps provides significant operational savings for utilities.