Emergency Service Information System

Go360 offers a location-based application to provide emergency dispatch information capabilities and daily job-planning emergency contact information for organizations with distributed assets.

This proven solution, known as ESIS (Emergency Service Information System), manages and maintains a single-source master database of emergency contact information and enterprise-wide addressing.

The system includes the capability, via web services, to access emergency dispatch information in the form of either a report or a map. Workers in remote locations can locate the closest places for emergency assistance via the query of any asset or customer location based on any municipal civic address, lot / concession/township or asset name.

Data within ESIS is housed on an Oracle database and continually maintained and updated by Go360. This is the first emergency-management system to work entirely from a database, giving access to maps and emergency dispatch numbers in real time.

The largest electrical utility in Ontario has implemented ESIS to protect the lives of its employees.