Go360 Solutions Showcase

Go360 technologies comprise business systems that integrate and empower organizations.

These technologies harness geospatial data together with other data forms to support best practices ranging from asset and workforce management through to incident management, emergency response and even target marketing. They enable managers to understand their current business situation in real time, and to extrapolate past trends to anticipate the future.

Go360 is a geospatial technology innovator and our solutions enable organizations to make better, more informed decisions.

Go360 solutions are built on our suite of products.

Our solutions are particularly effective for organizations with widely distributed assets and customers, including governments; responsive cities; telecommunications companies and utilities.

The Go360 Value Proposition

Go360 solutions add value in four key ways:

  1. Go360 preserves the investment in current technology and data, and immediately empowers all team members with better access to quality spatial information.

  2. Go360 unlocks the corporate data locked away in dissimilar proprietary systems, with different file types and structures, and turns it into relevant information to be shared and analyzed.

  3. Go360 provides new dimensions and ways to understand a business.

  4. Go360 technologies are so cost-effective that they have a direct and positive impact on the corporate bottom line.

ASP Web Service

Go360 offers our clients the opportunity to use our application-service-provision (ASP) web service to ensure that business-critical applications can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure and risk-reduced manner.

Go360 builds, hosts and manages applications as a client service. Our ASP saves clients time, effort and money by simplifying system reliability and support, while adding business value in the form of enhanced operational flexibility, improved and guaranteed system performance and access to enterprise applications.

Go360 provides our clients a viable alternative to procuring, implementing, building and managing internal information technology operations and operating complex systems themselves.

Finally, our clients are able to precisely control the total cost of technology ownership through scheduled payment programs. With data processing also performed by Go360, our clients can focus on their core competencies.