Public Safety. Now

Go360 provides systems and resources to enhance the safety and security of enterprises, as well as the general public.

Our preventative control solutions include risk and threat assessments, security plans, information technology security, risk management and computer forensics.

If an incident takes place, Go360’s live emergency management solutions provide unique capability to give first responders knowledge of the risks and resources inherent within the area of the incident. This has not been possible before.

For example . . .

The local hydro utility has received a permit to temporarily shut off power to a building to carry out a maintenance project. What happens if a fire breaks out in that building? First responders could arrive only to discover that the elevators are not working or that ventilation systems have been shut down.

With Go360 software, emergency-management organizations have access to all such relevant information and so responders can check on their mobile devices, even as they responding, for any potentially hazardous situations affecting a building or neighbourhood.

Go360’s safety, security and emergency management solutions include:

Audit Inspections
Incident Command System
Emergency Services Information System
Spill Decision Support System
Spill Decision Support System Features