Outages Are Out

A top priority for utilities today is to improve their outage management preparation and response capabilities. This is partly in response to the recent focus on enhancing electrical grids to become smarter, and the effects of dealing with recent large extended outages caused by natural disasters in North America. Compounding this issue, modern society on-demand consumerism and just-in-time business environments lead to the belief that no disruption, however brief, is tolerable.

The advent of the recent and evolving smart-grid era provides the entire electrical industry an opportunity for utilities to significantly improve their outage systems. Advances in smart-grid investments provide a world of insight. Real-time sensor data is generated and made available to the utility in real time by smart technologies including SCADA, smart meters, power line monitors, smart switches and distributed generation.

Despite the improved flow of data and information available to utilities from many diverse “smart” devices, it’s a major challenge to integrate the potential avalanche of data from multiple smart sensor sources into a manageable and user friendly environment.

Traditional outage-management technologies are no longer adequate or were designed with the necessary flexibility to manage such volumes of diverse information in order to minimize the time that customers endure without electrical power.

Outage causes can now be much more reliably identified by the placement of network sensors generating data or new forms of customer input that pour into the central command centre of a utility’s operations department. This eliminates such traditional time-consuming remedies as sending crews to drive and visually look for an outage location.

Command centres are also receiving faster notifications from customers due to the explosion of customer interactions via social media such as Twitter, Facebook and geo-tagged photos. Combined with traditional phone communications, this means that utilities have more eyes on the street than ever before.

AGSI is the industry leader for integrating all potential information sources into manageable information for utility operators. We have assisted our customers to dramatically reduce preventable outages, as well co-ordinating mission-critical restoration during major events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes.

Utilities can now process data from many sources, make informed decisions in real time and communicate clearly and continuously to both utility staff and the public.

Go360 Stands On Guard

Go360 LiveOps is a smart-grid solution for “live” network monitoring, incident management and network control.

LiveOps interprets real-time network events, pinpointing outage causes. It submits messaging to real-time electrical analysis, assists in making informed decisions and calculates outage statistics and regulatory reports.

LiveOps enables utilities to look at their smart-grid data in multiple ways including loading of assets (under-load to overload), affected outage areas, planned work vs. unplanned outage response, real-time crew locations and much more.

The software provides operators, supervisors and field crews alike with a unified interface for live operational monitoring, coordination, decision-making, dispatch and control.

LiveOps pinpoints and displays network outages and their causes. The application also integrates the locations of planned work, so a utility saves significant time and money by opportunistically dispatching a qualified crew to any planned work location on the fly.

For managers, LiveOps assists in coordinating workflow via live bi-directional communications among stakeholders, smart devices, and other mission-critical systems to optimize any type of event management and crew allocation.

Functions of the system include:

• Network monitoring
• Alerts / alarms
• Crew dispatch
• Real-time work optimization
• Network management and control
• Advanced customer interaction and more