Natural Gas Utilities

Natural gas utilities have huge networks of physical infrastructure. They often have multiple systems to extract data about those networks and the materials flowing through them. They have a fundamental need to consolidate that data, turn it into formatted information and present it without delay to executives making corporate decisions.

Go360 technologies unlock the powerful data stored in multiple corporate repositories for purposes of specific corporate programs.

Our web portal solutions access and integrate any type of data without the use of traditional middleware software packages.

Our solutions are built on a series of web services running against an Oracle relational database management system into a standard web browser. The user interface provides easy navigation and facilitates the use of required tools to search, view, edit, analyze, collaborate and report on the map and attribute data displayed.

Go360 technologies deliver the necessary levels of security for natural gas companies. Our solutions are flexible enough to handle expansion of pipelines and users.

Natural gas utilities are using Go360 solutions to:

  • Validate and map customer information
  • Report on physical assets, including visual monitoring
  • Support an emergency management portal for remediation of serious events
  • Implement central control of project reporting and time management

Land Viewer Solution

Assets of natural gas utilities can be located in areas that extend for hundreds or even thousands of square miles. Go360 helps companies to maintain security and control of those assets by means of our Land Viewer solution.

Land Viewer provides all secured users with web-based access to land based data within the corridors where assets are located. The application enables users to query and report on assets and surrounding land parcels, to support their notification and planning objectives.

Employees access Go360-supplied map data overlaid with corporate asset data such as pipelines, sites and valves. This data can be drilled down to individual parcels providing physical parcel information such as legal land description, address and coordinates.

Depending on the employee’s role and security level, additional information is available including ownership names and contact information as well as resident names and contact information plus phone numbers. This can be accessed via Go360 Mobile for field work.