Mobility for the Future

Electrical utilities use information generated from mobile devices to enhance organizational efficiency, deliver more reliable service and build stronger customer relationships. Mobile communications are the way of the future because they streamliine work processes and speed emergency response times.

The Go360 Mobile web application provides real-time spatial management of field assets for utilities.

Using any standard mobile device, users can search, identify, inspect, edit and report on any field asset in real time. The application includes a work-management function, which supports the dispatching and tracking of field resources to a service call.

Automatic e-mail, text and voice alerts can be triggered to notify management depending on an asset’s inspection condition or event status.

Field assets inspection examples include:

  • Buildings and building assets
  • Utility assets (under and above ground)
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Expensive machinery
  • Road signage

Go360 Mobile provides a seamless real-time connected and disconnected environment where users are always accessing the latest available corporate information and can carry out all the functions required to do their job.

Functions include:

  • Geospatial and back-office system access (e.g. work orders, asset information, etc.)
  • Query, review, and report
  • Intelligent redlining
  • Upload and download transactional changes to back-office systems
  • Attribute editing of GIS, work order, and other information
  • GPS data capture and map navigation
  • Add, modify, or delete geospatial features through GPS or manual editing
  • In-field design and bill of material generation

Click here for a video demonstration of Go360 mobile editing in a utility setting.