Municipal Governments

Go360 software products have been implemented in several municipalities and have provided a range of benefits. Municipalities have found their data to be more accessible, their costs of searching and organizing data to be lower and their abilities to plan and collaborate much improved.

Go360 Surveyor Portal

For surveyors and planning departments, Go360 provides planning, analysis, design, development and implementation services to enhance records and documents management systems.

The Surveyor Portal is an intuitive interface that is easy to use and requires no training. A web-based solution, it can be accessed by any authorized user with a computer and Internet access. The portal can combine municipal data with that of local surveyors, giving managers the ability to have a single map point with x and y coordinates for each survey document.

Surveyor Portal also provides benefits to the legal, real estate and planning communities.

Go360 Permit Tracking

The Permit Tracking application, designed for municipal public works, survey and technical services departments, provides a flexible, easy to use, spatially enabled application to manage municipal consents, road cuts and excavation permits.

GO360 Permit Tracking enables the user to create and track the progress of permits throughout their life cycle, and upon restoration, produce invoices to recover the restoration costs from contractors.

What this means for municipalities is that they can recover significantly more restoration costs from road-cutting than has ever been possible before.

The application offers a wide range of technical capabilities.

Spill Decision Support System

When chemicals are spilled, fast response is required. First responders need to know where the spill will flow and to what extent it has potential to harm waterways.

Go360 has created a system of record that combines data from wastewater networks and topology across multiple jurisdictions into a single unified data set. This is intertwined with other spatial and non-spatial information to deliver a spills remediation solution with data that can be analyzed in real time. It help employees from various organizations to work together in a coordinated fashion for all aspects of spill remediation, from determining the cause to collecting information for fines and/or legal purposes.

The application is available as a packaged solution and has proven its benefits to municipalities.

Federal / Provincial / State / Territorial Governments