GPS Vehicle Tracking & Traceability

The Go360™ GPS Vehicle Tracking & Traceability solution adds to the efficiency and security of any vehicle or fleet business. It improves operations, management and financial accountability. It’s easy to use and incorporates leading-edge wireless and GPS-based technologies.

Data is collected about location, movement and critical vehicle operations. Tracking and traceability provides important data and vehicle control, adding a high level of security and assurance for mobile assets, personnel and critical payloads.

Collected data is sent back to the control station or enterprise in real time and if there are gaps in coverage, the mobile units upload data as soon as the signal is back in network coverage and live tracking resumes. Go360 GPS operates within the secure Go360 environment and the applications can be viewed through any standard Internet browser.

View a number of real-time reports with two-way communications and with the option of two-way video. Go360 GPS can be customized to any business requirement.

Industry Segments

The Go360 GPS system is applicable and adaptable to any business using vehicles to do business, whether it’s one vehicle or an expanding fleet. The system can provide the same benefits to any business or industry segment, including:

  • Emergency management (response)
  • GIS field research
  • Utility companies – asset maintenance and incident response
  • Fleet / service management
  • Vehicle tracking and traceability

Real-Time Information

Go360 GPS makes use of data from Location Warehouse™. It is the most comprehensive location-based data available in Canada, with more than 50 million unique records.

The field research and quality-assurance teams from Location Warehouse continuously collect and update data, providing real-time maps for use with Go360 GPS.

With various reports available, Go360 GPS software provides everything you need to manage your fleet. Fleet reports permit you to quickly isolate situations and keep an eye on frequent speeding, idling or parking too long. Filter and focus only on the information you want to see and save valuable time. Pinpoint problematic areas efficiently and focus on solutions to improve your business.

Use our built-in reporting features or work with us to create custom solutions to suit your business needs.

Alert notifications
The Go360 GPS system can notify you via SMS or e-mail to your smart phone, tablet or computer. Alerts can be automatically created when your assets speed excessively or when they enter or exit specific geo-zones. With numerous notification options, the system keeps you well informed with the information you need.