Go360 Mobile for Telecommunications

Telecommunications companies have a large part of their workforce in the field, and need them to be as productive as possible.

Go360 Mobile lets field workers perform tasks anywhere, any time. It enables real-time spatial management of distributed assets for telecom companies. It also has a diverse range of capabilities including closing work orders, audits / inspections, cable locates, greenfield design and as-built confirmation.

Using any mobile device such as a tablet, notebook or smartphone, users can search, identify, inspect, edit and report on any field asset in real time. GPS-enabled devices can confirm each asset’s map location and enable the user to verify the asset’s attributes and / or complete an inspection report.

Go360 Mobile is easy to set up and administer and easily ties in with older systems. Users need only a standard Internet browser; no extra software is required, even in disconnect mode.

Go360 software is unique in permitting the user to remain productive while disconnected from the Internet. Data is automatically synchronized as soon as the unit is connected again.

Click here for a video demonstration of Go360 Mobile editing in a utility setting

Asset Management
Broadband Boundary Manager