Go360 Asset Manager

Managing assets - from birth, through operations, inspections, health assessment, maintenance, upgrades to eventual disposal - in the most cost-effective, risk-mitigated manner

Regulators are demanding more information about assets and development of pro-active asset management plans. Go360 Asset Manager allows asset owners to meet these demands with data collection anywhere, anytime, using any web-enabled device including tablets and smartphones. Asset owners may collect data on site in either network connected, disconnected or hybrid mode.

Once connected to the network, easily upload and sync data. All data gathered through Go360 Asset Manager is securely stored and backed up so asset owners never have to worry about a lost notebook or computer crash.

This robust and easy-to-use application makes it easy to manage anything from inventories, nameplate data, inspections, scoring, health assessment, maintenance, location history, operational events, pictures, reports, and more. Assets may be grouped and data easily captured on group events or connectivity relationships.

Go360 Asset Manager is designed to focus on the business of any asset owner. The modular application design allows asset owners to choose the options they want now and can grow the system as their business or information requirements increase.

Making it easy for asset owners to collect, manage, analyze, report, and convert knowledge into purposeful business improvement

Inventory Management - Provides for the front end capture of purchased received assets details, where it can be found, use status, through to interacting with the complete asset details, history, inspections, photos, and any asset certifications.

Traceability - Track the movement of assets from yard, to system location, easily. Upload photos of assets and locations. This option provides insightful reports such as asset / fleet performance and management reporting.

Audits & Scoring - Audit asset condition observations, accumulate usage / loading readings and record asset health scores at specific points in time. The audits or inspections completed over time then provides trend analysis reporting as well as feeds into Go360 Asset Analytics.

Maintenance - Record preventive and reactive maintenance actions for individually or over group of assets. Supports maintenance protocols and standard operating procedures.

Go360 Asset Manager has been developed to complement the way asset owners collect, manage, and use data from a business perspective. AGSI is committed to business and productivity, implementing user feedback from the asset management community to make improvements to Go360. Asset owners can focus on the important tasks without being hindered by either technology or unmanageable workflows.