Go360 Asset Analytics

A powerful, web based, analysis and investment planning solution for the electric utility industry

Go360 Asset Analytics is an easy-to-use application that combines IEC CIM, select IEEE algorithms, utility specific algorithms, and configurable business rules to deliver end-to-end, proactive asset management with ‘what-if’ scenario capabilities. Go360 Asset Analytics applies statistics, quantitative data, and predictive modeling to support strategic decision making about asset performance, management, strategy and investment planning.

Companies can save time and money, while extending the life expectancy of their assets and improving the reliability of their network. Go360 Asset Analytics aggregates all asset, inspection and operational data to generate asset health and risk profiles providing a real-time view of the complete picture.

Go360 CIM Electric Model

AGSI’s adoption of the physical IEC CIM Electric Model within Go360 delivers a complete and accurate model for all components of the electrical system, including full connectivity and circuit-based analytics.

The Go360 CIM Electric Model can process and store any operational transactions, asset condition, and electrical analysis for comprehensive health and risk calculations. Go360 also incorporates prioritization of asset investment scheduling along with full project estimating information to address any asset management and investment-planning question, from system wide investment prioritization, alerts / reminders, down to project or individual asset replacement costing.

Go360 models all components of the electrical system incorporating generation, transmission & distribution (including station and lines), as an integrated and connected network.

For integrated utilities, Go360 can provide a view of your entire asset mix to aid in making accurate and corporate-wide investment decisions.

Go360 will analyze assets to any level, ranging from individual asset components; logical connected or container components, such as feeders, line sections, stations, and facilities; or across the entire utility.

Go360 Integrated Analysis of System Operations, Network Reliability and Smart Grid Data Go360 Asset Analytics integrates data from any source within a utility, including the management and processing of advanced smart grid information. Go360’s technology design includes network analysis utilizing traditional engineering with smart grid ‘big data’ for performing advanced analytics.

Utilizing IEC CIM as a natural integration framework within the Go360 platform provides a complete and meaningful picture of infrastructure health and risks by combining all available utility data within a single model of your network. This can range from electric connectivity, asset nameplate information, maintenance history, device operations, risk of failure, customers affected, regulatory compliance, smart grid sensor data, and much more.