Broadband Boundary Manager

Managing a telecommunications company’s assets can be impeded by flaws within a geospatial information system. Boundaries between properties, shown on maps as polygons, can be poorly defined and result in ambiguous location data.

Go360 has eliminated this problem. With our application called Broadband Boundary Manager, we provide the ability for browser-based creation and modification of broadband-service boundaries by non-GIS professionals. The application includes error-resistant editing tools that post changes directly to databases.

Broadband Boundary Manager has a sophisticated web editing capability for editing polygon layers and maintaining all topology relationships including snapping, vertices add / delete / move, polygon split and add new polygons. Users can also run spatial analysis and reports during editing in real time.

The application also includes versioning for polygon edits, which assists with quality assurance for geospatial data. Versioning provides the necessary administrative review and acceptance of edits before posting into final geospatial datasets.

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