Asset Management

The mobile revolution is well under way, and for telecommunications companies it is both a boon and a major challenge.

Traffic growth is exploding, driven by the extraordinary uptake of smartphones and tablets as well as by cloud computing and rapidly expanding machine-to-machine services. The result is that telecom operators are investing heavily in broadband wireless networks and seeking innovative ways to maximize the mobile value chain while containing costs.

For every operator, understanding the nature of all their assets and managing them for optimal value are essential in creating the appropriate financial plan. At the same time, knowledge of the geographic location and characteristics of customers, and potential customers, constitutes a key asset in this highly competitive industry.

Go360 Asset Management

Go360 has widespread experience in using technologies, expertise and services to create secure, web-based solutions for collecting, verifying, and managing asset information needed to support business-critical functions for telecommunications companies.

Our Go360 Asset Management solution provides the ability to capture and maintain a full inventory of assets owned, operated, maintained, leased or used by telecom operators. With full query, reporting and visualization of assets available through the Go360 Asset Viewer tool, operators can define their assets and the relationships among them. That includes customer relationships, because searchable items can include addresses, intersections, postal codes, phone numbers and types of services in use or potentially in use within a neighbourhood.

Asset Management enables managers to record inspections, identify work to be completed on an asset and track status and progress throughout the asset life cycle. The solution supports the scheduling of inspections, service requests and work orders. It is available via standard web browsers and any mobile device.

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